Advantages of Professional Silkscreen Printing versus D.I.Y.

Tees are clothing pieces that could be easily mixed and matched to fit certain occasions, be it for a formal occasion or a casual outing with friends. With that, shirts with graphic prints and texts have now become a trend nowadays. One common method of printing on shirts is through silkscreen. This is, by far, the easiest way to do shirt printing and therefore the thought of doing it on your own may have likely crossed your mind. But before you head to the stores and purchase those materials, find out why it is better to have a professional do it for you instead.


Why print shirts on your own when you can have a skilled professional do it for you? Although silkscreen printing could come off as the easiest method of printing on shirts, it could be pretty messy if someone inexperienced does this. Paint may splatter anywhere, in places where you wouldn’t want the paint to reach. The finished product may not satisfy your standards as well. Having a professional do it for you would guarantee you better prints and lesser mess.


Imagine the cost of buying the materials needed for silkscreen printing. You would need paint, the screen, brushes, shirts, and a lot more. That’s going to be pretty heavy for your pocket. Most printers would offer you a package and this would usually include your desired shirt type and a number of colors for your print. This would be a budget-friendly choice, especially when you want to order a bulk of shirts.


Printing multiple shirts on your own could take up much of your time, especially when you are all alone working on those. Professionals often have the latest technology to aid them in finishing shirt printing tasks in no time.

Save yourself from the hassle of T-shirt printing and let someone do the job for you. Printers like 725 Print Lab offer quality screen printing for people living in the Greensboro, NC area. They are guaranteed to provide you quality prints for your shirts.