How Does Vinyl Heat Press Work?

Vinyl heat press is a method many printing shops use to apply different images on various garments, including T-shirts. It can be used on cotton, polyester, and similar fabrics. What exactly does this method include and how does it work?

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your transfer paper. You will have to select an appropriate transfer. Basically, your choice will be among ink jet transfers, laser copier transfers, embroidery, and supplier and store-bought transfers. If you wish to know more details about each of these options, you can turn to a local T-shirt printing shop.

Next, you have to pick an image and print it off on special transfer paper on an inkjet printer. For a supplier or store-bought materials, you will have to trim the transfer down. Also, make sure to trim around the image as well, so that the blank parts won’t be transferred on your clothing.

Now it’s time to set the heat press up. Open the press by its handle and move the heat platen away from the silicone pad. You have to keep the machine open while it is heating. You should adjust the temperature at 350-375 F or 177-191 C. It is strongly recommended to read the instructions beforehand. Turn the thermostat on and adjust the pressure too. The amount of pressure will depend on the thickness of your shirt. The thinner it is, the lighter the pressure should be. Now you have to set the timer as well. The vinyl heat pressing method allows time pressing from 14 to 60 seconds. Again, it will depend on the type of the transfer.

Be careful how you position your garment and press it to the plate. Now set the transfer face-down on the top of your shirt and close the press. You can cover the transfer if you want. If your vinyl heat press has a protective silicone pad, that’s alright, but if not, you will need to lay a thin cloth on the top of your T-shirt. Press the start button and voila, your item is ready.

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