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725 Print Lab is printing company that offers various services to help you get more customers. Located in Greensboro, NC, we can help print your marketing tools for any event. One of the services our clients get from us is our custom label printing. We offer to print your labels on your products.

What makes labels great is their effectiveness in informing your customers about your products or services. You can have a label that has your logo, contact information, and more. With our help, we can customize your label. We can help you create a label that stands out and attract new customers.

Here are some of the custom label printing services we can offer you.


A custom sticker is an efficient way to get your brand noticed. You can use stickers in any way that suits your marketing strategy. From envelopes to package seal, a sticker is an effective marketing tool. Their ease and efficiency make it a must when getting your brand out in the market.

You can have rolls of stickers printed at affordable cost. They are customized to fit any size. They are also an affordable alternative to large marketing merchandises.

Company Supplies

You can attach your label on company supplies to make your brand known. For example, you can attach a label with a logo on your cups and boxes. When your employees use them outside of work they act as mall marketing tools for your brand.

Get us to help you make your company supply labels. We can work with you to create small but effective labels at affordable rates. We can work hand-in-hand to get the optimal design and information on any kind of supply.

When you need a reputable printing company to assist you, 725 Print Lab can help you achieve your desired coverage. We have many customized products to increase your customers in no time. For all your custom label printing needs, call us at (336) 436-9150. Start your campaign in Greensboro, NC with us today.



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